The residential project, Menuet Residence has a unique architectural design, being located in the north area of Bucharest, within two minutes walking distance from Herastrau Park.

The boutique styled complex, is one of the most intimate places of the north area. The building consists of 19 two and three room apartments, all of them featuring underground parking lots.

This real match of elegance, quality and comfort, and the use of rising at the highest standards of exclusivism define the Menuet Residence concept.

Through their customer care service and by paying such a great attention to details, working with a team of architects and designers, the complex succeeds at meeting the needs of each resident lifestyle.


The steel concrete resistance structure respects even the most demanding normative acts. This consists of a concrete mix of diaphragms and casements, tiles being “heavy plates”, without apparent beams, with a depth of beam of 2.85 m.

The outer walls are made of Porotherm brick, which provides a superior thermic comfort, being improved by a thermo-insulating façade system- shaped of whinstone wadding of 10 cm thickness, of ventilated frontage made of special wood for the outside, of natural “vratza” stone and of decorative plastering with water-repellent properties.

For the sound insulation, the parting walls among the apartments and also the ones that are separating for the rooms are made of brick.

The apartments have personal thermal power station, Viessman brand, and the heating is provided through a radiant system, coming from the bottom. This system brand name is Rehau and every room benefits of ambiency thermostats.

The air-conditioning is made with climate, silent -direct expansion units, which are placed in the false ceiling. These will recirculate the air from the room through some grids that are mounted in the outer carpentry. The air system conditioned is multisplit centralized typed.

The sand rock and the crockery come from Porcelanosa, a famous brand between the architects and the interior designers, and the sanitary objects from Roca. These have buried tanks thereby the bathrooms are in accordance with the last design and utility trends.

The parquet is triple layered, Vicla type, and the stratified wood doors are due to satisfy the most exigent standards.

Depending on the stage of execution and the purchase date, the interior finishes can be personalized by the buyer.

All the informations, blueprints, and pictures are for presentation purpose only, and do not create legal or contractual obligations or liabilities to the developer or the client, whose legal relationship will be governed exclusively by a contract / precontract between the parties.